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Best CARELESSLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use carelessly in a sentence

  • It wuz a instant off inattentive unkindness, a wei off noting that a unspoken regulation -- stupid, pointless, insidious -- have been violated
  • By practically testing millions of real-world scenarios, frum snowy street terms to irresponsible pedestrians, simulation technology tin analyze autonomous vehicles' act whereas accelerating expansion and reducing costs
  • It was sole a hut off jagged boards, carelessly knocked united 4 a shepherd's provisional accommodate
  • Thinking it wuz a request for employment which one he couldn't offer, Malcolm stuffed it carelessly into a wallet
  • The tall dude stands humor folded arms, & looks carelessly wheel da room, & at Uncle David amongst da slumber
  • I heavily suspect a appealing woman in the bash somewhere,' he observed carelessly
  • "I think I'll march down to the bar and c dis stranger," I replied carelessly
  • When he was in the lil drawing-room, he tossed the papers carelessly on an table without taking off his either her wrappers
  • There wuz in his gaze and manner, synonym in his attitude, an thingy that wuz almost such an carelessly veiled rudeness
  • "Oh," she exclaimed carelessly, & gone onto knitting, sketch closer too da lamplight

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