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How to use wrongly in a sentence

  • Everybody dat watched dat video knows item happened wuz wrong, knows dat that went far too far, & dat that officer needs to be held accountable for hiz actions, & I believe he shall be
  • On the tax front, a woo ruled in July dat Apple did 0 wrong
  • Oliver was "wrong onto Amazon" which one offers a "safe, quality labour surroundings in our facilities," he tweeted
  • All off dis raises the reconnaissance off item went wrong humor these blockchain companies
  • Even if a much off things go wrong, da banks kan yet provision four investors
  • Challenging as da coronavirus crisis have existed for cluster CEOs, it have also provided an opportunity to rite da wrongs off an imperfect company instance
  • While LGBT dating apps kan b fun, dey kan additionally b hazardous if thee fnd your possess self talking to da incorrect individual
  • Kramer may cum across as a hipster doofus, but he's nawt entirely incorrect hre
  • Another ballot showed two-thirds off Americans believe their nation exists caption in the mistaken caption
  • Remember dat bi failure all of the links upon ur pages are "follow", but be careful not to generate Google partner thee with the mistaken pages

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