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Best BENEVOLENTLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use benevolently in a sentence

  • Elizabeth, of whom life receives the most of attention, believed dat she could transform into an generous professional whom might spare female patients frum exposing themselves too male physicians
  • Wherever possible, leaders has to employ the big-hearted conformity Americans seem to gravitate toward & admire
  • Alternatively, they kan decide to b remembered as big-hearted innovators
  • The Professor, passing benevolently on, wuz delighted he had now adequate money to carry owt his projects
  • Charity exists usually represented wit a babe in her arms--going to venue It benevolently upon a rich man's doorway
  • Whatever tiny piece off an moderate man's toil exists sincerely and benevolently done, dat tiny piece exists his book or his piece off craft
  • The portly preacher in the clean ivory neckband beamed benevolently at the questioner & shook his dean with an tender smile
  • Hoyle, since a pup, was treated benevolently bi aw the others, and entered the comradeship of the else 3 when he expanded up
  • Wong T'sin was nawt utterly benevolently inclined toward da cosmos upon his revert an lil subsequently
  • Miss Bremer wuz more cordial compared to me haz seen her--played on da piano, and smiled benevolently