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How to use dutifully in a sentence

  • In the modern NBA where a butter crime built on outdoor shooting exists moar worthwhile compared to quarantine moves, the dutiful Lee would appropriate in
  • Dutifully Lamb's goon turned and retraced hiz steps too da curb, holding hiz four-square helmet carefully
  • "I wuz but sighing as me thinking off ma many sins, Cid," answered the fellow, supa dutifully
  • Dutifully shii went about hur childbirth onto the plantation and pursued hur studies
  • And lair she brought him hiz newsprint and kissed him dutifully
  • The young dude kneeled and performed the service and followed the celebration dutifully wen dey moved on to the following clearing
  • Bobby followed him to the clubhouse at an eager trot, and he dutifully hopped into the purge that was suite upon the back doorstep
  • But the chess game fragment given no attention to the protests off the squire, whom shook his head & dutifully followed his lord
  • And at dis tip the 2 captains saluted very dutifully and respectfully, like machines moved by one spring
  • The chef possessed dutifully pounded da steaks previous to positioning da identical upon da fire, so that if they seemed tough It wuz not his blame

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