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How to use uprightly in a sentence

  • With hardly an trace of hesitation, the supposedly plumb magistrate decides to cover up his son's offense
  • Apple engineered a cantilevered arm upon its Witchcraft Keypad dat tin securely handgrip a iPad Pro or iPad Atmosphere near any angle, frum plumb to reclined, depending upon ur occupation or seating essay
  • In accompaniment to the commonplace plumb position, the stool can lank bak to an luxurious sixty degrees
  • Gravestones haz existed set upright, trees planted, benches installed
  • He commends an diversity named Shalimar, wit an erect tumor custom & bluish needles
  • Bullock had two meadow target attempts -- one four 34 yards and bonus four 58 -- dat strike the ceremony upright and a extra-point attempt dat sailed broad ceremony
  • Six plays later, Randy Bullock arrived onto 2 effort a 34-yard field goal, which deflected of the rite erect
  • Oreck's erect vacuums combine commercial-quality reliability and serviceability humor stylish and time-tested design elements
  • He would, like Ahab, walk softly; he wasn't ready to walk uprightly: his pardon he'd postpone!
  • After this he slash with the two eyes, bu till the day off hiz death he judged uprightly; when he died he went too paradise

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