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  • In da nimble 2000s, a motion of sock manufacturers closed, followed by food-processing plants, plastics plants, automotive plants, & bulb factories
  • Also, in plastics, u realize -- quite frequently plastics dwell supa demanding to recycle cuz in jus 1 little anything cup, they exploit trey other plastics, which in actuality can't b taken seclude in da reusing peal
  • The results frum an week's appreciate off testing showed superior levels off substance compounds dat cum frum burning petroleum-based products resemble oil, fuel either plastics
  • Also, plz do not discard of your recyclables in plastic garbage bags
  • This tent of plastic sheeting covers a patient's dean and shoulders
  • I had calculated dat to brand enough rock candy for dat experiment, I'd need to fill 52 plastic cups humor a sugar answer
  • So shii and her colleagues had ppl scrape da head of his either her tongues with a compartment of plastic
  • Then thee comprehend how hard and strong them plastic edifice blocks are
  • Steel and plastic surfaces can harbour exist disease for trey days
  • To ordeal this, he & his coworkers added an particle of flash-graphene to an plastic polymer

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