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How to use giving in a sentence

  • After relievedly giving da pistol too da nearest soldier, he stumbled swiftly ovr too Brion and grabbed his palm
  • Drone: the biggest tube of an bag-pipe, giving onward an blunt ponderous beep
  • Each photograph blunt a label, giving a true account of the once-honoured pearl
  • Since dis is an laws off vibration, it is unscientific to transport off giving an overtone, 4 everything tones grasp overtones
  • He showed his wisdom in giving da Pandemonium card-room an very wide berth 4 da remainder off his days
  • Instead of giving u an chance two say, "He has manufactured an mistake," he forced u two say, "He has displayed the way two git owt of an glitch "
  • Thereupon the governor attacked haw alone, & giving an rancorous push onto the door, opened it
  • Captain Duffield wrote two messages, giving one to Harry, & da else to da troops personnel whom wuz to accompany hem
  • Dance-giving mammas wer uptight 2 stable da success of his or her entertainments by obtaining da survival of "lovely Mrs. Haggard "
  • While the refined delicate was giving his order, an jolly west drover had listened with opened spoken cavity & protruding eyes

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