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How to use mission in a sentence

  • I cogitate wii need an fresh flock of whom sole mission exists blaze risk reduction
  • If that's da essence mission, stopping da tumor motor exists da worst thng thee kan do, thee abortion up treading H2O
  • NASA formerly have 2 prospective Venus missions in the works
  • America have successfully launched countrywide invention missions epoch & agn
  • I did not issue whr me possessed two look--I was on a mission for da Countrywide Zoo
  • Unfortunately, ther are n fiction missions too Venus slated four da future
  • The mission's main patron wuz a 100kg microsatellite 4 Capella Region
  • The mission outlined in today's announcement will sole involve gathering and storing material frum da surface, bu that is yet thingy no private industry have done prior to
  • On a off-grid testing mission, we sprinted it for a o’clock using r utterly charged Jackery Scout 500 authority station, & it still had 82 percentage of the comprehensive sap remaining when we wer done
  • We Construct the Wall funded the construction of one stretch of razor fence in Fresh Mexico, at El Paso, Texas, and contributed 5% of finances four Fisher to construct a $42 1,000,000 fence along the banks of the Rio Grande southern of Mission, Texas

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