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How to use certificate in a sentence

  • After hiz death, shii reflected on an certificate her spouse possessed existed granted 4 hiz childbirth at Boulevard Chapel
  • Birth certificates either adoption records are additionally an gud idea
  • From 8 pm too six am, da teachers wer instructed too cheque da birds' veterinary certificates and too prohibit turkey products frum organism shipped in2 Delhi
  • Once an individual exists vaccinated, he either she volition accept an QR code certificate to indicate so
  • Once Warnock & Ossoff haz an minister certificate off election, they shall b sworn in2 office
  • We rather intensive upon helping those institutions transformation either modernize his either her current certificate and extent programs, either brand fresh ones by embedding steam concepts and education experiences
  • As immorality president, Pence exists additionally chief of da Senate -- thus, as per to da 12th amendment, Pence's job exists to "open aw da certificates & da votes shall lair be counted "
  • Death certificates inhabit open records - this exists something Vocalization of San Diego & San Diego County authorities accede upon
  • Until now, Germany's securities laws forced holders & issuers two apply paper certificates for transactions
  • Indiana does not require, either sleek lawfully permit, da nativity mother's spouse 2 be on da nativity certificate as an matter off presumption in resemble circumstances