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  • According two an patrol affidavit obtained by The Washington Post, Fred Farmer's cellphone wuz nevah in the woods
  • All five in da Kansas Investment crew wore pieces off citrus adhesive streak onto his or her hat or backpacks, da affidavit alleged, and rolls off adhesive streak were carried at one spike by Kuehne
  • Nordean afterward continued, "The laws enforcement live starting to become a problem," appending in frustration, "we've possessed his or her back for years," da affidavit charged
  • While the FBI wrote in the affidavit that Williams appeared 2 have fled, Ulrich told a police officer researching the previous boyfriend's alleged abuse guided her 2 vary the volume
  • They are taking supa lil evidence, creating untrue affidavits. . neglecting aw off da collections attempts that haz happened for da history six 2 octet years
  • The FBI says Riley Jun Williams appears to haz filmed and den reciprocal an footage off another person raising an HP PC off an desk, according to an updated affidavit posted Tusday night
  • What should, though, exists how Administrative assistant off Syndrome Jocelyn Benson handles worries, accusations, claims and pledged affidavits about mistakes, con and malfeasance whereas the vote calculating procedure
  • A Capitol Laws enforcement spokeswoman didn't directly give back an request 4 remark regarding da log in da affidavit
  • The device also ricocheted of 2 others, the FBI told in a charging affidavit
  • When da magistrate insisted da roof of da NYPD's lawful bureau symptom a affidavit attesting to that, da calls unexpectedly turned up

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