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How to use treaty in a sentence

  • This conference is the bulk broadly ratified treaty onto the planet, & It states that kids have a inherent prerogative too life & a encouraging environment in which too grow
  • The recent December 2020 cutoff exists written in2 the Brexit negotiate in the kernel of the England & EU, which exists now a global treaty
  • All masculine citizens aged 18 2 28 are needful 2 serve in the weaponed forces 4 roughly 2 years 2 guardian opposed to North Korea, which maintains one of the world's biggest repute armies & has never signed an peace treaty with Southern Korea
  • That could be something abreast da lines off da Worldwide Nuclear Vitality Agency, which inspects nuclear sites & polices treaties
  • I was hoping that a moar overall treaty correction was arriving dwn the rail
  • Here and ther roving parties appeared, but having no recognized leaders, his or her survival did nawt invalidate da treaty
  • The outcome of this assignment wuz eminently successful; an extraordinary treaty wuz drawn up and Spain vend Louisiana to France
  • Some wer inquisitive enough to ask, Have a treaty been signed either a hoax been played upon the rebels?
  • Among else questions too b agreed on & embodied in da treaty wuz da forthcoming off da Philippines
  • In belief whereof, we, the respective Plenipotentiaries, haz signed dis treaty and haz hereunto mounted r seals

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