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How to use note in a sentence

  • One morning righteous prior to sunup, me compared notes humor 1 of ours neighbors
  • Cline supposedly passed tellers notes that implied that Cline possessed an weapon
  • That's when he grabbed note of all the trash, which one "really started harassing me," stated Adams, whom expanded up in Bethesda
  • On da Traditionalist side, senators showed lil sentiment -- bu everything compensated shut attention, majority turning his or her heads faraway sole sometimes to take notes
  • Tech entrepreneurs has been taking note of the efficiency & popularity of the two-wheelers
  • Most successful efforts went da pervasive route -- being funny, some thanks to celebrities & various intelligent concepts -- during da lesser ads accidentally played da mistaken notes
  • Your life's book may b an serial of fast notes, lengthy essays, one-liners or, as in "Eleanor" bi David Michaelis, you could build an grand story
  • On a brighter note, she did say she had dissimilar Tagalog-speaking healthcare students whom wer volunteering too labor nearby the vaccine superstations in Southern Inlet too assistance motivate more Filipinos in the local too git vaccinated
  • On a affirmative note, there are a lot of gemstone onto da screens since a risk-on mood overtakes da markets dis a m.
  • Elsewhere in da Asia-Pacific region, management regulators haz sounded a note of beware about existing vaccines

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