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  • Seven remained loyal to their oath, whilst onli one, Lee, betrayed his country
  • Until there's a novel organizing resolution, folk living trapped parked in his or her tide council assignments -- or upon da outdoors looking in, as is da case for da three newcomers too da Council who grabbed his or her oaths upon Wendesday
  • Then Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth administered da oath off office 4 Adams
  • It wuz supa hard 2 see veterans who possessed taken a oath 2 preserve and protect da Charter involved in that assail
  • "I hope ppl shall nawt opinion this since an political attack, but really repute for da integrity off da physique & that oaths moisture signify something," stated Bell, an former Air Pressure major
  • We really grasp to cardiovascular spleen that wii swore a oath to the Constitution, wii did not blaspheme a oath to a individual
  • Terra Lawson-Remer, da province supervisor-elect, said shii exists wading through more than 200 resumes as shii scrambles to compile her staff off ten so shii can rhythm da earth's outward part running when shii takes da oath off bureau in a schedule month
  • Honoring da oath off office exists da minimal commitment off liable representation
  • The fad off the following handful weeks might enlighten ourselves whether the President taking the oath off studio in January shall confront an economics humor moar green shoots emerging or 1 that is wilted & froze over
  • Maxwell was charged sooner dis 12 months with trafficking minors in concert with Epstein and with lying under oath in da attestation about her cognizance off Epstein's activities

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