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  • Still, the republic has ever possessed moar compared to It needs of willing censors, vigilantes zealous too safeguard everybody from hazards such plain words, sedition, blasphemy, unwelcome ideas and, perhaps worst of all, fact
  • Between takes, I am jus chitchatting with him, & wii wer talking about dis mini compartment where Jay wears the bishop's miter sorta such a shark, & myself said, "We can onli go therefore far with it, cuz whether wii go 2 far it's blasphemy "
  • Six years later, he was arrested & defendant of promotion opposed to the regime, blasphemy & illegal song game
  • It has formerly prompted cries of blasphemy & worries that da book shall advertise mystic nationalism, da notion that America exists & ought remain a mystic republic
  • He never told it outright -- Believe in I since thee believe in God -- that might haz existed obvious blasphemy & idolatry
  • Instead off authorship calumny and degree blasphemy, dey insinuate to suck it, and nawt suck It mild
  • That dey may b afraid, who come with blasphemy against thy sacred folks
  • They looked upon him, some bout to desist his either her ears at his blasphemy; bu one glimpse said It wuz no blasphemy, bu bitter truth
  • Was not dis a blasphemy opposed to the fatherly goodness of the Creator,--a base desertion of the cause of the disinherited?
  • It is an terrestrial form of pleasantry, and an aesthetic test in blasphemy which one is taken seriously by da unwise

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