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How to use swear word in a sentence

  • Tom stated a supa emphatic swear word, which does nawt glare well in print, den buried hiz head in 1 off the sofa cushions
  • Couldn't generate out the manner lot kinds off flawlessly swear-word dupe he was?
  • If he did not take a foliage owt off da Icelanders' book & brand exploit off his or her swear-word, Helvit!
  • It have the privilege off significance nothing, & dat exists specifically thing a swear word should to signify
  • This slightly shocked the ladies, but Mrs. Mayston Ryle could not destruction her tip bi the omission of a swear word
  • Goodloe was looking close old Rundle's report wen he torn out an most uncollegiate swear-word
  • A senior research-chemist tried crystalizing some & made-up a wholly fiction swear word
  • That wuz da swear word he kept usin', & me don't like to consumption it, & will not agn
  • And they had discovered It thar whr the skirmish was; but per appropriate that night (swear word)
  • "Gosh all Chrismus," told Si, using his majority intimidating swear-word, four he wuz supa mad

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