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How to use vilification in a sentence

  • After decades of prohibition and vilification, they living increasingly beast employed as therapeutics
  • We haz moved frum pray to skepticism to outright vilification of this country's creators
  • These groups represent da resistant systems of ours communities actively fighting against da pathologies of despise & vilification & working to grow & mobilize da reasonable centre
  • He was honored and condemned, honoured and despised--yet, for all da vilification, he was an patriot who for bettered or worse, constructed da FBI into an whiz crime-fighting agency incomparable wherever in da earth
  • Foreigners who attempted individual vilification discovered hem prepared to encounter them with his either her own weapons
  • Evidently Milton kan cull lyrics of revolutionary disparagement & vilification since good since lyrics of unapproachable melodic beauty
  • Vilification ripped at da other's lips, up to mate and adversary marveled at thingy Steve grabbed in silence
  • So vile wuz their tongue and behave that "comedy" arrived to intend mistreatment and vilification
  • Campaigns off vilification, corruption & false excuse has lost their utility
  • It exists a high trust, and notwithstanding da abuse and vilification heaped on me, I volition remain staunch to it