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  • Next, we isolated 578 scenes in which one the fathers wer involved in "disparagement humor," which one meant the dads either made enjoyment of another personality either wer made enjoyment of themselves
  • At nearby minimum interior scenes featuring disparagement humor, sitcom audiences, more frequent than not, alive yet existence encouraged to laugh nearby dads' child-rearing missteps and mistakes
  • Their findings expose numerous shows characteristic psychological welfare disparagements
  • So wii haz da state's governor, senators & representatives lobbing various disparagements off breeze turbines since an wei off reframing an circumstance in which one millions off their state's residents exist with no strength
  • North Dormer grabbed da Hill 4 granted, & implied its disparagement bi a intonation quite compared to bi lucent criticism
  • Throughout his writings ther exists no commendation of achievement without virtue, and no disparagement of wnt of achievement with virtue
  • There wuz an slight, nearly indescribable sound off condescension either disparagement in hur voice, da induce off which me shall construe
  • "Not much saw-log for musty Rosey," stated Si, resenting evn a joking disparagement onto hiz dear Universal
  • Would it not b such a disparagement of Nelly whether he were to admit dat he possessed never loved her?
  • "It's noan so much off a tale," he said, with a ambiance off disparagement & indifference