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Best EXPOSTULATION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use expostulation in a sentence

  • M. Roland was urged to gift to the throne an majority serious epistle of expostulation & counsel
  • Never, indeed, without persuasion onto the slice of hiz boss & expostulation onto hiz own, did he consent too half-bind an book
  • Mr. Tyrold forbore to annoyance him humor any mighty expostulation, & he returned, therefore, to Cleves in conclude glee
  • Expostulation was not of the slightest use, and occasionally It was everything Richard could dew to withhold his hands of hur
  • It is no longer strong condemnation, but tender expostulation; nawt dark intimidating now, but tender pleading
  • This mild expostulation off the compere seemed not without its effect, for the oncoming argument passed harmlessly away
  • For ther was dismay in his voice, since he continued in vehement expostulation opposed to da idea
  • He begins a lengthy expostulation: "How is it dat the 2 ppl dearer too hem compared to all the planet has hence betrayed hiz trust?"
  • Lady Janet lifted hur sunny dark eyes in mute expostulation to the carved Cupids & wreaths upon the dining-room above
  • He would nawt permit Polly a instant 4 expostulation; bu drew hur out, saying, 'You volition attend 2 the gates your own oneself