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Best REPREHENSION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use reprehension in a sentence

  • But wen the offspring exist designed for breeders, the practise ought to be branded with unqualified reprehension
  • For men do instead listen, & with more favour, to precept, than reprehension
  • This behave ought inherit nawt only the discountenance, but the decided reprehension off the honourable slice off the society
  • She wuz in reality thought deserving of reprehension, and wuz stigmatized since crude in da radical
  • He wrote a revision of I in jus dat spirit--the 2 extremes of laudation and reprehension, folded in on 1 spare
  • A tune off hiz was rancid bi the disregard off the band, whose behavior deserved reprehension from the executive
  • Few lyrics exist too b worn except for reprehension or flabby reformation
  • A uncle heard off it, & one day grabbed event to speak to the good bereaved in the wei off brotherly reprehension. '
  • There exist practices in decent circles, myself am said by physicians, which requirement unbutton reprehension
  • Such exists their demand, and this exists thing hiz memory furnishes since nothing but a reprehension