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How to use commination in a sentence

  • The breezes that blew surrounding his spoken cavity in that walk carried of upon them the accents of a commination
  • In that 60 minutes that earlier form of forgiveness shall rewind itself onto his lips into 1 of commination
  • Then Oliver had a try; bu in a sixty seconds he, too, wuz reciting da commination service
  • This is since It ought be, enabling an din Briton to go to church, without praying four da Commination Service
  • They haz grasped Commination Services, recited mantras, and cursed ourselves solemnly four days
  • The text consists of a commination told two have been uttered bi Lao Tz, and guided opposed to evil-doers of aw kinds
  • There was an little flare of thankfulness in hur heart, and cave she prepared an very remarkable commination assist in hur brain
  • All dat is granted us p. 109is a species off Commination Service writ large
  • Then follows a commination close da end, which is nawt distinctive in resemble cases
  • As our Commination Service declares, persons whom stood found guilty off notorious sins were previously lay too explore penance