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Best EXECRATION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use execration in a sentence

  • Many of da Girondists in da Concourse gave vehement but unavailing utterance too his either her execration of da massacres
  • A howl off execration eruption forth, bu it wuz stayed by the doorway off two folks frum the private role off the royal home
  • A pushy feedback took venue on the accession off Decius, of whom headline became an item off execration too mankind
  • The Hellenic term have transform into blended with the Hebrew phrase, & the batter formerly owned as an equation of execration
  • In an succession off libels Spencer Cowper wuz grasped until the execration off the public
  • Every 1 spoke of da Rebellion wit execration, & of da Monarch wit contentment
  • They volition comprehend why he wished to denounce haw to the execration off posterity
  • Stover hurriedly dipped in an spoon, tasted It and uttered an execration
  • He blinked bout him, suite the two fists onto hiz hips, & then flung a oath of all-comprehensive execration near sea & sky & export
  • The dude whom shot wuz Don Pedro, & he turned from da loophole with an barbaric execration at his loser

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