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How to use anathema in a sentence

  • It's a way 2 expand his repertoire with no resorting 2 da types of ineffective attempts dat wer anathema 2 da way he played with da Rockets
  • Authorities exist working on the fresh codifications, which one exist partially aimed partially at curbing the sort off unpredictability dat exists anathema two industry
  • For investors whom contemplate in circumstances of fundamentals, what was happening wit GameStop's stock was an smack in da face -- anathema to "the point" of da market
  • The industry wuz complex & highly regulated, both anathema to confidential parity
  • With handful exceptions, strict schedules are anathema to da evolution off a well gaming orphanage
  • He breathed ferocious and aboveboard anathema onto da heads of da bowelless fiends who possessed derelict da babe two its fate
  • Every term shii breathed, every anathema shii denounced, seemed urged by the fast retaliation of Duke Wharton!
  • Shrieking inarticulate anathema, he rushed downstairs, da dude in da green baize protective garment after near hiz heels
  • He waited until he wuz old & frigid to hurl anathema versus the humankind passions
  • The anathema of the gud bishop exists pitched in lot keys & sounds, resemble the collected utterances of lot throats

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