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How to use obloquy in a sentence

  • But in hiz own time da obloquy shall probably brand as lot tone & fnd as lot recognition as da panegyric
  • Our own viewpoint is that inept since it wuz da monetary scheme attracted 2 upon its own a gud transaction off unmerited obloquy
  • The moar dey could sling discredit & obloquy on the Housekeeper off Orleans, the superior his either her cause would appear
  • Why should we, da travellers off da world, who so respect else cities, so persistently gush obloquy onto our own?
  • Regard more da hurt dat your vogue may do, than da offence or obloquy off any
  • His superstition was n longer the subject off obloquy and outrage
  • The integrity off Penn possessed stood adamant opposed to obloquy & persecution
  • Even his possess cult looked coldly on him, & requited his services wit obloquy
  • The Herald stood at the outset off belonging profession manfully in the face off indescribable obloquy opposed to it
  • We are the startled & lenient judges off the majesty & off the obloquy dat Boileau dealt too his contemporaries

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