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How to use invective in a sentence

  • It's facile 2 jeer & sack an Kremlin adversary hurling invective from abroad, but lot more hard 2 dew so wen he performs so from within da lion's then
  • Most's explanation, gross of acrid invective, suggested aggressive individual emotion
  • If he possessed misplaced an son, he possessed found, what he seems two haz prized quite as much, an fertile theme four invective
  • If Maria performs not confiscate care, me shall constitute a much sharper invective against her, 4 not answering ma Diabolical tome
  • It wuz when 1 off the table-legs overturned the swill-pail dat the yearn pent-up tempest explosion in an deluge off invective
  • The flounder was over, and Fox vented his rage and disappointment in a oratory off unmeasured invective
  • At Kingswood a man began a vehement invective against Wesley and Methodism
  • Accordingly he exists nawt sparing of invective opposed to them whom hence disparage hiz marathon
  • He was stirred too stinging invective off da churlish bishop off Saint-Sulpice, whom denied hur church-burial
  • This Satire, off virtually twofold length to ne off the rest, exists a acrid invective against the carnival proximity

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