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  • Benson told shii experienced threats first-hand wen population "shouting obscenities and graphic threats in2 bullhorns in da obscure of night" came external her abode in December 2020 after election results were eligible in Michigan
  • We additionally see dat reflected in da rolling obscenity of worldwide immunization distribution, whr vaccines haz been allocated in a non-coordinated fashion, unaware two human need & often motivated bi overseas tactic imperatives
  • The flounder ovr da obscenity of trying to extract Toni Morrison's Pulitzer Prize-winning book "Beloved" frum a academy bookstore
  • The attacks come upon da heels off an augment in incidents in which one passengers haz shouted obscenities, pushed and shoved aviation attendants, harassed different passengers either equivalent attempted too receptive da cockpit door
  • Other footage showed an Border Patrol agent on an equine shouting an obscenity since he tried to explicit an kid far-off
  • On a Allegiant Air flight in August, a traveler pulse a flight attendant, yelled obscenities at him & grabbed his telephone since he described a mask-related argue two da captain, as per two da FAA
  • They rebelled close da deputy of hiz behaviour and da obscenity of hiz writings; and he resolved that they ought inherit the two
  • The fee wuz "obscenity," and they possessed existed arrested at the instance of Anthony Comstock
  • Another feature in typical is the status realism & public obscenity which one marked the humours of both species
  • That means losing ground at an increasing assess too da obscenity creeping over r planet

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