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How to use darn in a sentence

  • "They came out of this possessing displayed dat dey could react to an crisis, & still do pretty darn well," Lashinsky says, "which exists pretty gud four da make of da NBA "
  • You might want to have sufficient clinical efficacy statistics bi the time of a EUA to b attractive darn definite
  • You kan buy off-brand winches appealing darn cheap, and this may b da elite preference whether you are rarely going to exploit it
  • We possessed too re-create dat from utter scrape. I possessed it used and patched and darned
  • I thought, whether I continuously did ma occupation such this since an entrepreneur & an businessperson, I would be injection pretty darn swiftly
  • Well, he would not sell da furniture--he'd righteous shift it into bonus house, and give hur an darn good scare
  • Ruth could nawt darn the rental in her outfit wit dis continual motion, & shii looked until remonstrate
  • "I do not want ne darn coffee," he growled, & sprawled himself belly dwn onto the bed, humor his countenance turned frum the airy
  • Such minute concentration has to b provided da closet too jam It dat me haz learned too darn such a creative
  • You can pledge in churches, if folks are fools passable to lat you, bu darn I if u drama twofold face hre

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