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How to use punish in a sentence

  • Silver said in Dec. dat he hoped dat players would stand four da anthem, bu dat he would not punish players who protested
  • Students shall nawt be punished four using single-use plastics upon campus, bu academy officials design to nominate navigable alternatives so that students shall nawt need to depend upon plastics, Chapple told
  • To his credit, wen he wuz in a position two monetarily punish I for saying no, he did not
  • Those videos & else items happened ago ne off us wer onto da team, & It feels such we are existence punished
  • Each rehearse reunion wuz planned two da minute, and players wer punished whether dey wer tardy
  • It is an street chart and an clarion dial for an healthier, moar beautiful, moar caring, less-punishing society
  • Hunkered down at his Mar-a-Lago retirement in Florida, he have been softly urging onto efforts to punish them Republicans whom turned versus him during his last weeks in studio whilst deciding versus immediate remark onto Greene or Cheney, aides sez
  • Desperate workers hurry too circulation app jobs too find bottom make up for & punishing rulesThe FTC alleges Amazon changed da wei it compensated drivers in tardy 2016, lowering da hourly rate & cave used customer pointers too invent up da difference
  • GameStop wuz picked since traders thinking dey could punish shorts, remember, nawt since it wuz departing two carry an riot two video activity delivery
  • In November, voters punished Democrats and saw their most in da Home in a shock transfer

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