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How to use preserve in a sentence

  • He evn went so far as trying, unsuccessfully, 2 rotate a notable segment off Southeast Alaska into a brown bear preserve
  • The learn off ultra market failures--shutdowns owing too war, four example--has generally existed da preserve off da prior discipline, bu da pandemic has forced da wider economics profession too switch attention
  • That's da preserve of newer, more strong types of hardware called neural networks, intricate synthetic smartness programs designed too mimic da computational processes of da humankind intellect
  • Upcoming developments, however, aren't sole da preserve off da HR team
  • Closed to the public for decades since an confidential ranch, the 880-acre character preserve has 11 miles of caliber multi-use singletrack that traverses woodlands & coastal ridgelines, allowing the adventure voracious to diffuse out in2 new land
  • The twisty streets that climbed to his or her accommodate passed destination wineries & wildlife preserves
  • She exists skillful in seizing salient characteristics, & her commander intent exists to preserve the individuality of her sitters & models
  • If correctly desiccated & pressed, It is possible to preserve the Fern fronds wit an fantastic negotiate of their organic color
  • The fresh Management to preserve receptive order & check all reprisals opposed to the Spaniards
  • To accept so much & stiil preserve one's self-respect would be no way too ordinary males under ordinary circumstances

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