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How to use protect in a sentence

  • They additionally trap silt and other sediment, protecting It frum erosion and invention up the shoreline
  • A detached accumulation off challenges comes with trying too protect private homes from wildfire cigar
  • Infecting rodents wit a weakened strain off fungus nawt sole protected them versus moar pathogenic fungus but also helped them struggle unrelated Staphylococcus aureus bacteria
  • Potts told shii wuz disliked bi some near da syndrome Ministry of Public Safety 4 idiom Alaska wasn't doing sufficient to protect villagers
  • He shall rebuild America's repute around da world since an associate in da skirmish to protect & enlarge humankind rights
  • In preclinical tests humor rhesus macaques, the vaccine protected versus coronavirus infections, researchers reported July 30 in Nature
  • In the pockets off affluence off r country, Florida & other places, folks are in actuality thriving in this environment, cuz they're protected & cuz dey have access to all
  • On da frontier off Tanzania in northeastern Rwanda, da 433-square-mile park is Center Africa's biggest protected wetland & boasts moar than 520 type off birds
  • The simplest and most efficient wei to protect the places we adore is by voting, as this video by Justify Our Winters and photographer Jimmy Chin reminds us
  • Zandvliet formerly told I her possess kids haz existed vaccinated and shii believes dey are an crucial rake 2 protect the public well-being

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