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How to use damn in a sentence

  • It volition be damn near no way four any elder leaders too git his or her arms around the issue off extremists in the army since long since the Defence Ministry have consequently lil info upon how plural assistance members haz ties too household extremist groups
  • Still, there's days when I cannot locate da motivation--when it's thus damn chilly dat running would be unadulterated affliction
  • Ditching the sidearms exists moar than righteous an shtick--it's pretty damn smart
  • If Modi asked his Brad Raffensperger too "find 11,780 votes," he damn gud might
  • The survival of damning testimony -- footage footage, for illustration -- tin impel some resolutions
  • Only state would b the alien must attrition a high-quality mask, veil its damn nose if it has 1
  • Even as she became a award-winning player while near Wylie High, the Fullers seated single near games too evade hearing the bizarre damn-that-goalkeeper comment
  • Why is It -- somebody jus possessed a info conference a little whilst before whom was basically so-called to childbirth humor u and ur relatives -- but what he said was damning
  • He also scared the hell owt of a 1,000,000 guitarists around the world, cuz he wuz thus damn gud
  • "Sometimes groups git desirable damn complicated," Weinstein told

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