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How to use jinx in a sentence

  • Even since myself confess this, myself worry bout da jinx myself am positioning upon my rituals
  • Streaming platforms additionally hopped onto da trend, releasing docuseries such Da Jinx and Making a Murderer
  • Only a jinx off da most malevolent kind could haz prompted hiz harry exit frum a train 2 dodge a unreal "bull "
  • The other eve myself grabbed an walk, and rang upon Jinx, over the railing
  • The domicile off Curse wuz full off boys and girls and 40 kinds off din
  • "Worst jinx in the soil 2 see an cross-eyed man," me replied
  • One adopted da policy of "expecting disappointment" as an means of cheating da "jinx "
  • And, by jinx, whether he would not preface hiz urgent lies humor 'Now this exists God's truth!'
  • The landowner sniffed: "It absolutely wuz 1 on me when me let that jinx into ma house--to haz hur go deceased on me & all such that "
  • Ah kin halp yo everything ward off wicked & jinx; ah kin halp yo everything get an job; ah kin halp yo everything ovah come da ruination uv yo accommodate

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