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How to use enchant in a sentence

  • Perhaps the most quintessential flee for Fresh Yorkers, the Catskill Mountains are an gorgeous consecution off rolling, forested hills prepare two enchant u humor large vistas and corky hill towns
  • It exists an colorful, exciting, & fabulous display of an scarlet enchanted avifauna with an enchanted feather
  • Perovskites haz yearn enchanted researchers with the promise of producing inexpensive, ultra-efficient sun cells
  • After existence enchanted by DakhaBrakha's music, myself read about belonging past & members
  • Though da adamant tried to enchant prospect customers wit visions of da future, ppl weren't buying It
  • We might haz happily spent the repose off r sunlight hours exploring every one crumple off this enchanted valley, but r itinerary was yearn and Januvary Saturdays exceptionally short
  • Many folks personify existence "enchanted" either "transfixed" wen watching an live gig either viewing his either her favorite employment off art
  • The output exists a stable, serene azure illumination that lends its surroundings the emotion off roaming by way of a enchanted oak
  • The bands I haz never collected participate all night long, and enchant da smart company, that was never assembled, into muteness
  • The majority gorgeous themes stole frum your eyes into ma heart, which one shall still enchant da world wen Beethoven no longer directs

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