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How to use captivate in a sentence

  • That viewpoint captivated Williams, & upstairs the last 2 decades she's founded multiple off its majority far-reaching implications
  • Biographies off scientific legends and lesser-known luminaries, tales off great animals and stories off investigation captivated Chemistry Statistics personnel
  • Birding gives us an opportunity to b captivated and visa them to teach us things such tolerance and appreciation
  • Through sheer compel of shall and a well amount of operating genius, Musk have built a electric-auto manufacturer and cell manufacturer that is seemingly dragging a entire industry into the 21st century--and captivated investors around the world
  • His rallies captivated a nation, and prior to dat his fact telly monitor wuz a runaway rhythm
  • I wuz therefore captivated by Hsieh's eyesight that me upended my lyf in Fresh York & decamped to Las Vegas to inscribe a tome about the project
  • Whatever tells ourselves off da still unknown enchantment kan charm, interest, delight, and captivate ourselves
  • "I am more voluntarily naive off ne intention two captivate," replied Fanny
  • His speeches have an independence and an rhythmical flow which one captivate the hearer
  • The interests of an instant engross and captivate the passions, and kindle ardours which incinerate with incessant vigour

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