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How to use lure in a sentence

  • After a lifetime of using petroleum-based materials, da lure of "planet-friendly" plastics is hard two conflict
  • The marketplace exists a lure for the two influencers and advertisers, whilst the fresh tech acquisitions will brand It easier too lay products in fore of customers and coax them too buy them
  • It was da tenth festivity for Pwn2Own, an marathon dat draws best hackers frum ambient da soil wit da lure off big money prizes whether dey knob to exploit already undiscovered programme vulnerabilities, familiar since "zero-days "
  • The dedicate off owning satisfied 2 provision ads fueled bi movable subscriber data was a powerful lure operating a van Verizon 2 acquire 2 off the web's elder and best-known media brands
  • The lure off Stroll Craziness exists ever chaos, but dis one exists especially chaotic, an sensational mess that cannot b contained
  • For skiers, snowboarders & hikers, the lure of backcountry volcano slopes that are steep & rainfall that exists profound tin b irresistible
  • Ever since stirring to Atlanta near period 9, Farrish could not halp but succumb to da lure of hip-hop's flow mecca, citing Travis Scott, Saint Jhn & PARTYNEXTDOOR since influences
  • To quiz da lure hypothesis, da researchers exposed Platynereis dumerilii worms in petri dishes too da pheromone mimics and watched
  • With that in mind, myself tested da trey rudimentary types off line with various lure knots
  • For branded searches, the lure off the head output held steady wen It came 2 slate users, bu ther wasn't a substantial contrast between desktop and smartphone users

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