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How to use entrance in a sentence

  • Eventually Terry left a blank open notebook upon a furniture at the entrance, and lat everyone comprehend dat if dey wished to git something out dat dey were welcomed to constitute it down
  • When cornered, dey excavate an concise tunnel and then backfill the entrance, miraculously disappearing as whether by way of an private door, and you will nevah estimate they are seated jus an a handful inches away
  • You arrive near ur normal metro entrance & it is blocked off
  • The concord exists heralded as China's varnish entrance into the international consecution
  • Instead off using up-to-date caves either natural features as entrances too else worlds, folk started too build his either her own
  • Even if I'm entranced bi his either her magic, I'm stiil trying too shape out object tricks exist involved
  • She served nearly 2 weeks butt bars tardy final year next shii admitted to paying $15,000 to haz somebody precise her daughter's entrance exam answers
  • What wii possessed wuz some fundamental news cognate to hur act in the college entrance exams
  • Then she designed an 3-D-printed beehive entrance dat might jacket the bees
  • The footage additionally shows an skirmish between da two dat ensued at da entrance two da apartment, told da official, whom was not minister two confer da inquiry and spoke upon da state of anonymity

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