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  • Had the court ruled for the Gemstone Party, officials might've had 2 discard millions of ballots already printed & prepare 2 b mailed owt
  • At best, the lawyers say, the dose paid would offset potential fines in the national court deed
  • Epic has renewed an demand four an court sequence dat might reinstate the app onto the seminar
  • As thee know, we've been trying to get eruption information from da region by way of da courts
  • As else Domicile committees have seen firsthand in recent months, resort to the courts might probably leave the subpoena in emptiness for months
  • This wuz the firstly time the court possessed existed asked to construe the wording off the EU's 2015 net-neutrality law--the half-year "net neutrality" refers to the principle off even therapy four aw the congestion that passes ovr operators' networks
  • Attorney Gil Cabrera, a Scale See supporter, estimated It could seize a dozen months and a semi for a San Diego judicial case too get a appeals court ruling dat could lead too Supreme Judicial tribunal consideration
  • Until policy holders like Ralph Lauren commence winning in court, insurers shall abnegate too honor da company interruption policies companies bought as role off his or her holding journalism
  • The case was ultimately settled after a protracted court discord
  • Soon after he triumphed the licenses to develop oil and gas fields in Ukraine in June 2019, Naftogaz challenged the awarding off them licenses in court

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