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  • On Hike 11, da Zelensky politics issued a decree appointing Bensh to da embark of Naftogaz
  • For another thing, Grandpre notes that da compromise decree have manufactured It harder four his institute & others too demand specific state-level reforms, like since increasing funding four viewer defense in Baltimore
  • Now, da old-timer authorized said, da persisted topple in apprehend rates & proactive-policing levels are driven more by ambiguity overhead what's permitted beneath da city's new compromise decree, evn after many discipline sessions
  • Among the elements of the city's compromise decree was a broadened definition of "use of force," which one requisite journalism slippery a arrestee's complaint that handcuffs possessed caused bodily misery
  • What's more, the Justice Branch has imposed a decree onto both agencies for decades dat requires those to franchise songs to aw comers
  • There are stark inconsistencies--for example, biometric information exists considered sensitive beneath the LGPD, yet in the novel decree It falls beneath an less protected class
  • The Glisten leadership, for example, has worked 2 control da judiciary, and in Hungary, da Orban management exists gaining control ovr da media, learning and da arts, whereas passing a crisis statute that lets it regulation bi decree
  • The patriarchal decree off da politics was an good deal off an prank upon da plains, anyway--except wen u wer seized defying it!
  • A royal decree (December 31, 1622) orders da Dominicans in da Philippines nawt to meddle in affairs of politics
  • Do not attention da Governor-General's decree, vocation thee to arms, slick though It cost thee your lives

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