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How to use direction in a sentence

  • Now, scarcely an 7 days later, Epstein's home in North Hollywood, California, have AT&T fiber abet with boundless info and advertised speeds off 300Mbps in both directions
  • Light winds pick up carnival an tad frum the northeasterly direction previous to dawn
  • Those fans tin take today's audition since an step, nonetheless small, in da direction of Spears's increased autonomy
  • In every direction, seawater creeps upper & higher, slopping over da horizontal off close buildings
  • Either off these words solo dot in the direction off filling, comfort-food satisfaction, bu together dey exist almost an assurance
  • Cook the spaghetti as per two parcel directions until al dente
  • Sometimes, Six nudges you in the rite direction either picks pertinent items up, decimal since a accommodating minimalist cue network
  • An personal is assigned to b da direct curator of every project, which involves channelling aw reply frum da colony deck to vouch aw personnel maintain an obvious direction
  • Comedian Alyssa Limperis wrote, "me immediately after somebody gives I certain directions "
  • "She mapped, in language, a wei forward, giving us recovery directions that wii kan reiterate 2 ourselves," Benka told

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