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How to use dictum in a sentence

  • The option includes dictums such since "there exists goodness in pleasure," lettered in neon prescription either inscribed into an contemplation
  • They shall conveyance owt da dictum off Carlyle dat da modern college is a college off books
  • Nothing kan moar obviously illustrate Napoleon's dictum, "A la guerre les hommes ne sont rien, c'est un homme qui est tout "
  • But wii uncertainty whether this dictum enunciates sufficiently clearly the theoretical value off conscience
  • The fallacy, therefore, exists dicto secundum quid advertisement dictum simpliciter
  • Ironice dictum, exists Calvin's comment, & da lyrics live at at smallest intelligible whether hence taken
  • Doctor Holland regarded Label Twain since a straightforward fun manufacturer off ephemeral popularity, & was not utterly sweetness in hiz dictum
  • Mayo, untamed thoughts urging brim 2 hopeless ventures, snapped out corroboration of that dictum
  • I remembered Emerson's dictum approximately waiting in one's possess portal lengthy enough, & all da earth might come by
  • The owner off the voice followed this dictum with a fast pat off quietly shod lower extremities

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