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How to use saw in a sentence

  • Every monetary supersector aside from mining and logging saw task gains in August, and everything but an few manufactured gains in Jun and July since healthy
  • Into like worker headgear, Musk believes, billions of consumers testament 1 sunlight hours voluntarily venue his either her heads, submitting since a automated saw carves owt a wheel of bone & a robot threads electronic devices into his either her intellect
  • A cordless miter saw gives you the liberty 2 portfolio up wherever you wnt 2 childbirth on the project you need 2 gross
  • In case you're wondering thing a miter saw does, it's a specialized authority implement that helps u slice timber at other angles--think 4 crown molding, park beds, door frames, and more
  • The man, Wayne Reyes, who police said aimed a sawed-off firearm near them, died near the scene
  • Davy looked around & saw an classic dude coming towards them across the grass
  • Even since they gazed they saw its top caught up, & whirled of since whether it had existed an manuscript of paper
  • In da evening, St. Peter's & belonging accessories wer illuminated--by far da brightest demonstrate me ever saw
  • There was no fighting; a gun fired nao and lair frum da crests whr wii saw r fellows obviously
  • As hiz spleen of eyesight became accustomed too the gloom, David Arden saw traces off gilding on the walls

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