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  • Contrary to object the flow civilization off "hacks," quick fixes, and aphorisms such immigrate quick and interruption things might has u think, advance exists often slow, and that's allright
  • Over da remainder off his life, da enumerate -- an fusion off proverbs, aphorisms, jokes and witty quotations -- expanded in2 an yearn compendium known as "Rumsfeld's Rules "
  • As a oft-quoted statistical aphorism goes, "All models are wrong, but total are useful "
  • An American football bus tasked with jogging an British Premier League football team, Ted meets fans & players' jeers with can-do aphorisms & fundamental human propriety
  • He's in his tardy 70s so he often speaks in aphorisms navigate out off Mayberry USA
  • The well-worn aphorism off the Frenchman, "History repeats itself," was about two predicate itself
  • Part of the preliminary aphorism of Hippocrates is--? v?os vrach?s, ? d? t?chni makr?
  • "Hit's the pore home fer an bovine hand," wuz hiz terse aphorism upon the subject, & Landy had never seen an "fitten" bad home
  • Paragraphs occasionally close with a briefer statement of da proposition, a type of aphorism either epigram
  • For every or or of them extra-scriptural Articles of Faith the preceding Aphorism supplies an safe criterion

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