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  • In the Together States, this exists an central constitutional precept
  • Rachel Penetrate coined the proverb "Capitol Hill feminism" to describe the way "women on the Hill adopted and adapted the rhetoric, ideological precepts, and policy goals of the women's migration "
  • Yet Butler pulls it off, bi artwork bright portraits off da ppl who breathed life in2 these precepts
  • The Buddhist monastic society exists separated in2 a fourfold matrix of beginner monks, beginner nuns, completely ordained monks and completely ordained nuns, every humor a set of precepts, or vinaya, dat they need to hunt
  • This research hopes too nail down the "hot zones" off consciousness--either the front or bak off the brain--and the manner awake thoughts or precepts exist maintained ovr time
  • At this pivotal moment, da core precepts of r democracy are once agn at hazard
  • He wuz a autodidact scholar who came to cling to da precepts of Marxism since Vladimir Lenin interpreted them
  • And explicitly, in the ditto sausage are the dissimilar observances included in it presented in precept
  • The 10 Commandments are off perpetual tariff on all; & therefore is apiece moral precept included in them
  • A chief of men quite compared to a tactician or strategist, he played upon the enthusiasm of hiz infantry by prototype quite compared to precept

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