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How to use mandate in a sentence

  • For instance, whether members off Legislature cheerleader for certain reforms such a new economic deal levy either new mandates for regulators quite than jus expressing their concerns, the concern could alter into moar partisan
  • Day has been advocating for an society respirator mandate, since seen in else cities & counties
  • In else posts, she mocked disguise mandates to stop da disseminate off da coronavirus
  • Three states -- Iowa, North Dakota & Mississippi -- haz lifted resemble mandates
  • This wuz bulk probably owed 2 receptive health mandates dat required a transfer distant frum in-person care
  • Three commissioners in the deep-red county, which has no disguise mandate, wrote too the Chiefs humor the sacrifice
  • Meanwhile, within da Together States, flu rates haz remained bottom in both da states that haz instituted measures like masking mandates & these that haz not
  • Molly Kinder, an chap at the Brookings Association whom studies front-line workers, said It wuz meaningful dat Kroger is closing 2 stores in the initial town in California 2 attending resemble an mandate
  • Last year, DeVos gave states waivers frum the national mandate since lots off the country shut down wen the pandemic began
  • Businesses are unelected & dew not haz an authentic mandate 2 solve problems

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