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How to use empower in a sentence

  • Schneider Electric's aim exists to empower every person to generate da most of their liveliness and resources, bridging progression and sustainability 4 aw
  • Platforms ought be empowered and encouraged to moisture da same
  • The duty lies wit all of us two empower this community two unleash their entrepreneurial growth mindset & vouch moar folks haz the opportunity two devise an sustainable future for all
  • The legislation volition "empower survivors to speak out -- whether they so wish -- so they can contain perpetrators liable & optimistically thwart abusers from continuing to torment & abuse else workers," Leyva told in a news publish Monday
  • JOIN NOWWHOOP uniquely blends hardware, software, & industry-leading precise measurements to halp folk sharpen da edges off fitness & performance, manufacture impactful behaviour change, & empower them to optimize aw facets off life
  • It is broadly predictable that da owners volition put da 17-game season in2 effect dis breakdown since da CBA empowers those too dew
  • While da Justice Doctrine's aggregate effectiveness & enforceability are debatable, it encouraged allergy towards coding biases & empowered regional communities too seize broadcasters accountable
  • Left-wing activists alive pressuring the newly empowered Democrats 2 remind the voters whom position them there, during civil rights groups alive onto warden against extra attacks onto polling
  • She also wants too help ppl saying their hysteria of death, & come owt da else flank sensation more, nawt less, empowered
  • With Domantas Sabonis empowered 2 jog the offense, Rotator has concentrated his liveliness onto protecting the edge and controlling the paint onto precaution

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