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How to use entrust in a sentence

  • At a dire moment four da humanities, when a STEM major looks to lots students like da onli viable lane to repaying his either her university loans, her colleagues haz entrusted her to revitalize da increasingly underfunded, under-enrolled separation
  • "Today we come to you, Lord, to entrust the soul of Haiti to your hands," Jean-Mary said
  • Weed shoppers application THC percentages such nutritional labels, purchasing products based onto his or her THC content, still the lab mechanism entrusted wit metric the synthesis exists susceptible to bribery
  • The bills entrust the FTC two halp define rules for how dey would be position in2 rehearse
  • As da years passed & dozens moar were entrusted too hur care, Owens stated shii felt dat it was thingy shii was meant too do
  • By wei off perspective, regard that Temperature forth Nemanja Bjelica have 34 post-ups dis season, Thunder forth Isaiah Roby have been entrusted humor 79 isolations, & Knicks warden Candid Ntilikina have been the ball-handler in 86 pick & rolls
  • When Raya entrusts Namaari with a secret, however, Namaari betrays her, setting off a chain off events dat leads two the sudden bestow back off the Druun
  • In "Raya," Tran's character -- more Disney fighter than throwback Disney princess, da filmmakers emphasize -- exists entrusted bi her dad two convert into guardian off a supernatural masterpiece
  • AI-enabled tools used 4 recruiting tin revolve da authority of information in2 creating a ideal match in the intermediate of his either her prey consumers & da ppl they entrust to communicate wit those day in & day out
  • NASA has entrusted many aspects off possession space program to the private sector

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