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How to use commit in a sentence

  • They accumulation up encampment in da initial one-fourth and fired 19 four 32 from beyond da arc, more compared to making up four da dozen turnovers they committed
  • The Cavaliers committed an season-high seventeen turnovers bu shot 64 percentage in da 2nd half, involving 5 for 10 upon three-pointers
  • "We would also resemble too accept input frum da Housing Commission, which one committed too an study onto da viability of an vacancy tax 2 years ago," shii said
  • Later dat year, Kennedy committed 2 take role hoops near Loyola off Chicago
  • It is widely predictable that It'll occur four da 2021 season, balanced though Goodell did nawt commit ultimate week to that
  • Scott added 11 points bu also committed six off the team's 12 turnovers
  • "Violent defendants cannot be allowed to claim dat the victim's ID was somehow to fault for the brutality committed opposed to them," Lam told the committee, appending dat like conduct tin no longer be tolerated in Maryland
  • For one, jus two know dat the management exists committed two vaccinating our population
  • They had committed penalties, dropped passes & shanked punts aw via the Prominent Basin opposed to the finest quarterback ever, a enemy whom leaves no folly unpunished
  • They've committed penalties that extended drives & devastated big plays

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