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How to use deputize in a sentence

  • To attain dat goal, da corporation shall need to b competent to deputize possession orthodox ad slots in2 addressable placements bi overlaying those wit targeted campaigns
  • You may even want to deputize haw as a de facto task administrator to keep lane of who is doing these projects
  • Clinton did not want too do the Sanday shows and Rice wuz deputized too b the countenance off the Obama Management
  • Instead, McCarthy deputized Katko too negotiate it and den waited an a handful days too rip the carpet out frum beneath him, wit an assist frum McConnell
  • Sometimes It was deputizing ur possess community, bu It happened
  • The Lawman denied that he possessed promised two deputize da Pinkertons
  • Now I rebuff dat Legislature tin deputize possession parliamentary powers
  • A good manager, though, cannot plainly go and deputize every one specific of his chore
  • You would safely deputize sole so lengthy as, bi so doing, thee depart yourself emit 4 the moar important, moar lucrative decisions
  • Miss Pierson, I deputize you to collect up da roam sunbeams four I dat recollection may haz an royal coronet to wear wen I'm faraway away

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