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How to use bespeak in a sentence

  • The wide shoulders & aplenty waist bespeak the splendid jurisdiction off the goddess
  • Many off da pictures now shown in exhibitions bespeak a near sex between da painters and da fishermen
  • The remains, such these surrounding St. Piran's, bespeak a slightly thick people
  • The terrific claims these population bespeak for them exist nawt two b believed by ne smart dude
  • She possessed now, however, bought enough ken to bespeak a chaise opposed to his revert
  • In lot places along this coast, ther exist old mounds of rubbish, either piles of stones, that bespeak retired buildings
  • We moisture not disbelief 2 bespeak four it the widest circulation and the majority serious concentrate
  • They are da juvenile of da best excellence in France; his or her atmosphere and etiquette seemed too bespeak It
  • These mere words, in the conditions in which one dey were uttered, has some degree off grandeur, and bespeak unalterable peace
  • In the interim, myself persisted two visitation Mrs Gerrarde as usual, and took caution two bespeak her for a associate

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