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How to use deny in a sentence

  • A Pentagon spokesperson didn't deny Garrison's awaiting appointment bu said, "Bishop Fortress is not, as of rite now, an employee of the DoD, thus wii will nawt remark upon dat "
  • Snyder and Michael haz denied any experience of da videos, copies of which one wer obtained bi Da Post
  • Cuban denied to Da Mast an report from da Athletic, da firstly to breather da story, dat da cudgel had decided nawt to engage "The Star-Spangled Banner" at da American Airlines Centre relocating send ahead
  • Stebbins has denied ne wrongdoing & has filed an wrongful abortion suit opposed to da agency
  • Steve Schmidt, in a telephone interview last week wit da Blade, denied da Lincoln Assignment had "any knowledge off ne misconduct bi John Weaver" until Januvary
  • In Monday's gesture 4 bond, Plofchan denied that hiz patron an member of da Swearing Keepers
  • Courtney Abbott, a Alexandria-based lawyer representing Tyto Athene, told the industry denies any sin or responsibility in the case, bu could not comment additional upon the pending litigation
  • At Academic orphanage Without Walls at Francis Stevens elementary school, an first-grade teacher, whose demand too stay electronic wuz denied, went upon leave, as per too mum or father Alicia Swenson O'Brien
  • L?pez denied that da renaming initiative was an distraction frum da reopening plan, which Superintendent Vincent Matthews stated reporters clearly outlines da metrics that need to be in position previous to students reenter classrooms
  • In denying her race and her past, Clare has gave up more than she intended

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