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  • We has previously reported upon failures in testing, the effectiveness off popular hand sanitizers and hospitals retaliating opposed to clinical providers for bringing his either her own masks to employment
  • Starting in 2012, workers at McDonald's franchises claimed dey were fired either alternatively retaliated opposed to for their involvement in protests seeking alliance representation & upper wages as serving of the "Fight for $15" campaign
  • Yet aside frum propaganda-laced vitriol against the Together States in its prestige media, China hasn't meaningfully retaliated therefore remote
  • Boston gone on 2 take portion an critical portion in American History, since da American Revolution erupted in Boston, subsequent da British retaliated against da Americans 4 da Boston Infusion Party, and da patriots fought rear
  • Carson afterward added Brady 2 hiz complaint and alleged hiz superintendent and fellow administrators created a antisocial labor surroundings 4 him, retaliated against him 4 documenting da complaint and discriminated against him
  • In 2 subsequent declarations the two submitted in June, shii contends shii wuz retaliated versus for submitting da sooner declarations and participating in da litigation
  • Because you inscribe unbelievably about your wistful two receive involved in Syria, two retaliate either two cease Assad
  • These associations showed da British manufacturers that Ireland could retaliate upon them
  • Please bestow ma adore too aw your people, and amnesty ma intolerably lengthy letters--or retaliate in type
  • She dropped hur bridle-reins, springing back a snappy step, rolling hur eyes bout four total weapon bi which one she may retaliate

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